My Values

"I value individual freedom above the mandates of false majorities. Our freedom is what creates our prosperity. We must have more freedom to save, invest and spend our OWN money the way we feel is best for ourselves and our families. I think we're all sick and tired of the endless waste, right? The BC Liberals can no longer get the job done! 

Freedom of conscious, freedom of finances, freedom in markets, freedom to associate, or to refuse company, to speak freely and worship however we please, as individuals, families and communities. These are the fundamental elements that make our society so great and wealthy. A return to a simple, smaller government is in order.

In my experience, I have seen too often the good intentions of government inflict great harms on individuals and communities. Over-regulation of labour markets keeps the poor and inexperienced from gaining good employment, while over-taxation strangles innovation and growth. Young people have never faced a greater challenge in finding an entry-level job. I myself have experienced this unnecessary struggle.

New innovative ideas such as the "sharing economy", school choice, an open market in auto insurance, legal private healthcare and decriminalization of cannabis are all popular mainstream ideas held by the majority of voters, yet we have zero representation within government. We would create so many job opportunities and cut the cost of government by MILLIONS, just by getting them out of the way!